I stayed at Extended stay for 9 days, was supposed to be for an entire month while my home was being renovated. I chose the place because they accepted my dog and cat- but with a 300 fee, 150 for each. 1st night, i checked into a drity room, the trash was full of cigarettes, beer bottles, and shredded papers from a shredder. The carpeting was soiled and black in several spots. I accepted that to not traumatize my pets who had been in the car for an hour. Next day, i paid a weekly rate, asked them to have the room cleaned- they never did. Next day did my grocery shopping, and I let a few days go by to get the pets comfortable. In between, the disgusting dirty 2 plates, 2 forks etc. and 2 spoons. I went to the front desk to deliver a spoon that was all balck and burned on the bottom, FROM DRUG USE, either used to cook crack cocaine or heroin. This was delivered to the front desk to let them know , this is serious.. As the story goes, they were doing renovating there. I was exposed the st night at 10 PM a man knocking on my door asking me for a cigarette. Tatoos on his arms neck, everywhere. I was polite and obliged, not because i wanted to, but because I realized ” I’m being watched by the men around there”” A few days into

thier maintenence guy knocks at my door with a work order for my phone and internet

saying they got a call its not workinig

FOUR TIMES I had to tell him I DID NOT CALL. My net and phone works fne

who is calling you about my room number