I decided to stay at Extended Stay due to the reasonable rates and the kitchen that it had available in the room. I was going to stay for approximately two weeks, but that was definitely cut short due to the lack of clean facilities. Inexperienced hotel staff, and a ignorant Hotel Manager by the name of Grace (actually its not a Hotel, Motel more like it.) nAfter several complaints about the overall cleanliness of the room and overall facility, I complained several times to the Front Desk, after realizing that they were just kids, I complained to the “Hotel Manager.”” She seemed as if I was bothering her with unsubstantiated accusations. After getting nowhere with her I complained to corporate

which was of no assistance. nOne night was so bad I had to stay at another facility. I told this to corporate and they did nothing to compensate me

no apologizes or to reimburse me for the room that I stayed at at another location (completely unaffiliated with their Corporation). After I realized what type of organization I was dealing with

I left that next day. I will never stay at that location again. nI must stay that they do have some specials that make it worth while if the facility was clean and inhabitable. nAnonymousnSan Jose