Warning: This vendor deals in counterfiet goods, overchages for shipping, and “loses”” returns. I purchased a pair of Rayban 5288 eye glass frames from this vendor to replace the same model frames which I owned that were broken. 1. The frames I received were counterfiet. Although the markings on the frames were “”RayBan

“” the shape of the frames were not the same (I owned and carried the previous pair for 2 years. I compared what I received to pictures of these frames

and they did not match. I subsequently purchased legitimate pair of 5288s

the shape did not match what I received from this vendor). The plastic was cheap

the hinges were cheap. Absolutely fake RayBans. Hence the lower price compared to legitimate vendors? 2. They charged me $80 to ship a pair of frames from NY to TX? 3. They “”lost”” my return. And refused to issue a refund.”