My husband and I went to get glasses, and the exam went ok. It took awhile to order. They advertise one price, but like to practice the bait and switch. My husbands supposed to be $159 glasses came to $400. And, my simple single vision glasses should have been no cost at all, but still were $25. I asked specifically why there was still money owing and the lady said there were certain things the insurance didn’t cover. Not really knowing any better, we finished or order and left. I have never had glasses before, so when I picked up my pair and put them on, my vision was worse. I chalked it up to having to adjust. When my husband went to pick up his, he knew right away they were wrong. So, he left them to be corrected. When I told him about mine, he said that wasn’t right. So, we returned my pair to be corrected. The second time he went to get his, they were still not right – and mine were still being fixed. Finally, I started looking at our receipt and found so many extras they did not explain or ask if we wanted added on to our billing. The extra $25 I asked about on my glasses was actually for something I did not request and did not want. She flat out lied when I had asked before. That right there told me we did not want to do business with a place that lies to make money. I called them and asked about the return policy only to be told curtly it was money back within 30 days and then he hung up on me. We immediately returned to the store, told them to keep the unfixed glasses and told them we expected a full refund. The cashier told me my insurance was not yet billed, and would not be. Another lie! They billed it the next day! It took me nearly two months to get that fixed and many calls from myself and my insurance company. What a total joke! Now, after posting a bad review on Yelp, we were told someone would be in touch with us to talk about our experience. Of course, another lie – it’s been two weeks and we haven’t heard from anyone. .

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