EZ Pass has currently sent me 3 violations and my husband 6. They state that the toll was never paid. We have always paid the tolls but it doesn’t always register. We are getting violations day after day. There are never any toll booth collectors at the Lacey Toll exit 74 on the Parkway. The fines are $50.35 each. These incorrect toll violations are adding up to hundreds of dollars. Why would we blow the tolls when you have to pay an incredible fee. It was even in the Asbury Park Press and on 101.5 radio station that this is happening to a huge number of people and they still get stuck paying fees. Still EZ Pass will only waive one fine per person per year. So people are being forced to sign up for EZ Pass and even after that they still have to pay fines. It is crazy and I hope that whoever this is happening to besides me will fight this as well.

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