The advertisement for Fabletics makes it sound like you are simply buying some reasonably priced athletic clothing. I bought a pair of exercise pants and was pleased enough with them. They were high quality but not incredibly cheap. Much to my surprise, I began to receive daily mailings from them. When I went to unsubscribe I discovered that I had unknowingly signed up for a monthly automatic ordering service that was going to charge me $49/month for athletic gear, whether I made an order or not. Wow! I couldn’t wait to unsubscribe. I tried doing unsubscribing online. Cannot be done. You have to call. I tried calling the number. Press 4 (or whatever) to unsubscribe. I was placed on hold for 20 minutes and then cut off. I tried unsubscribing by chat. Cannot be done . I was told to call the phone number again. So….It is a scam. Now I have to figure out how to NOT get charged for this on a monthly basis. Do NOT sign up for this. Shame on kate Hudson for being associated with this scheme. I googled it. Clearly they are paying bloggers to create buzz about this website, sucking in unsuspecting consumers. Beware!

el segundo, California USA

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