Factory Expo Home Center of Garrett Indiana will keep all good faith or escrow monies whether the deal has completed or not, unless you specifically stipulate it in the contract as an addendum. My Husband and I specifically asked the salesman Wesley Ambriole if something were to happen or we couldnt obtain financing, would we receive our deposit back. His answer was YES it wont be a problem. Although we did qualify for a loan from a couple lenders, none of them were willing to work with factory expo homes because they do not act as the general contractor. Therefore they would only finance the house and not any site improvements. Undisclosed to us, this company is more geared toward placing a mobile/manufactured home in a trailor park. Wesley also told us NOT to act as a general contractor and let him handle everything. We were mislead by this man. A few weeks after signing the contract and finding out that lenders could not help us if we continued to pursue the purchase with factory expo, we made a second trip down to Indiana to talk with our salesman and his manager. His manager then disclosed to us that they would not act as a general contractor because they wanted the entire house payment up front. If you go through a lender, they work on a draw schedule and he said thats not how factory expo operates. Had they made this clear in the beginning, it would have saved us many hours of frustration and drive time to get this settled. After the second drive down we decided it would be best just to cancel the contract and request our money back and try a different route. I had contact with Carol Speer. I guess she is some sort of office manager. She asked to apply to one more lender, and yes we were approved but at a very high interest rate. They told us they didnt care if it was a 100% interest rate loan, they wanted their money for the house and if we canceled, we would not receive our deposit back. I dont know about anybody else, but $3,000 is quite a bit to be out of. We were very upset to hear that what we signed contradicted just about everything Wesley had told us. I think he just wanted a sale and didnt care what he had to do to make one. So far the deal has not gone through and they have done nothing to earn $3,000. Its been abot 45 days since we signed the contract and they still have our money.They did not begin the project and they did not incur any costs. No product or service was exchanged. This caveat was never explained to us upon signing of the contract to build a manufactured home. I consider this to be unethical business practices. They just gave us excuses, stalling, and lies, but no refund.

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