Facultybooks.com is a textbook buyback service. I attempted to sell five copies of a loose leaf text (which two competitors will buy and quoted me at $60/$66, I sold one copy to a competitor for $78 but they only wanted one copy) after waiting to hear back on processing I called them. “Ieshia” told me they are not taking the loose leaf and that my books were sent off to recycling. Excuse me!? I was supposed to get notice of such a decision and given the option to approve or not but that never happened. Thank goodness I called! Ieshia found my books but informed me I would have to pay shipping ($12) to have them returned. I agreed and paid. When I got the books 4 of them were no longer in selling condition. The wrap that they come in was torn, one had half of the overwrap completely gone. There was also damage to the covers and writing on them! No one will purchase loose leaf without the overwrap! Ieshia’s response? “The books were returned in the condition they were received, sometimes that plastic gets ripped in transit. Have a nice day!”. Those books were shipped to me, put in storage, moved to different boxes twice and that plastic NEVER ripped. So that is a bogus cop out. The damages caused to the books is unacceptable and they had a chance to make it right. Now I am out $312 because Ieshia is unethical, irresponsible, and just trying to cover up her own mistakes. | Stay clear of this buyback service. Go with the handful of competitors who yes quote a bit lower but they stick to the quote and have certainly NEVER cost me lost sales. Oh and it did not cost them $12 to ship so I guess they made a few bucks off me with that. Anything for a buck, right facultybooks.com?

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