Complaint: I was scammed by attorney Fadia Akrawbari – a foreclosure attorney for Pierce and Associates in Chicago. Attorney Fadia Akrawbari promised me the monetary relacoation assistance if I would vacate my home. I was in foreclosure after having lost my job in the economic downturn. I tried multiple times to obtain a loan modification through my bank but they would not listen. At that point I was approached by chicago foreclosure attorney Fadia Akrawbari and was promised a relatively modes amount of money if I would vacate and give up rights to my home immediately. Feeling as if I had no choice, and faced with Fadia Akrawbari’s high pressure tactics, I left my home that I had lived in for over 15 years. That was nearly a year ago – but, despite all of attorney Fadia Akrawbari’s promises, I still have not received the money that I was promised to me. In addition, I have had to pay my attorney to continue to handle this case when it should have been completed over a year ago. Had I known that I was going to be scammed by Pierce and Associates attoney Fadia Akrawbari, I could have at least stayed in my home and rode out the foreclosure – saving myself nearly a year’s worth of rent someplace else. I realize this is not a significant amount of money, but it was explicitly promised to me Chicago attorney Fadia Akrawbari and she, to date, has deliberately acted to not pay me that amount. I feel as if Fadia Akrawbari has lied and scammed me

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