Complaint: My story is a very interesting one about Fairfield Properties. I will start out by saying anyone that lives in one of their buildings please take pictures when you leave. They will scam you when you when they send your final bill. I received my final bill 2 months after I moved out. I was charged for Damages to carpets and stairs. My security deposit was also Forfeited for no reason. I wrote a letter to them and asked for proof that my carpets had to be replaced. They sent me pictures a few weeks later to justify their bill. Problem being is that they sent me pictures of the wrong apartment. When I wrote them again I included pictures I had taken of my apartment move in and move out condition along with the pictures they sent me claiming was my apartment. You could see clear as day it was not the same pictures. Then a few weeks later I received another letter stating they did in fact send the wrong pictures but please see enclosed the corrected pictures. Well when I opened them up I came to realize that these pictures were the same pictures they just admitted were the wrong one’s they just omitted the obvious one’s. Back n forth I went with them and they did not comply. They wanted me to pay $761.00+ in damages to carpets that were not even mine, they wanted me to pay my last months rent and they wanted to pocket my security deposit. I have pictures, letters and e-mails all to back up my case you’d probably be amazed at how much back up I have. When I questioned the security deposit being forfeited they stopped answering the question. I then decided that it was time to take them to small claims court. In the meantime they sent my account to collections. and the bill they sent me from the collection agency is now cut in half. The collection agency broke down the bill for me in which legally they had to apply my security deposit to the last months rent and then they inflated the amount that was due for the so called “carpet damage”” and then threw on $580.00 in legal fee’s(which they now claim are from an eviction..I WASNT EVEN EVICTED!!! I turned my keys into the main office!!! I have no idea where that amount came from it was not on my final bill??? Once again they are just trying anything to get money from people….In small claims court they even asked for an adjurnment because they were counter-suing me…The same attorney from the collection agency is the same attorney that showed up in court…ha…Well when he did his counter claim it was not less than the collection letter he sent me 12 days prior..WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!My lawyer even told me that I could report them to the US postal service for Mail Fraud. I am sure if it came down to it there is alot of things I can sue these people for as well as many others. I can go on and on because it has been just such a nightmare. People need to know that if you are looking for an apartment these are NOT the people to give your money to. You will never see it again and may even try to scam more money from you in the process. They have tried every avenue to get money from me. I got lucky i covered all my angle’s. I am a single mother of twins and work 2 jobs. This is a multi million dollar company who is getting rich off the poor. Totally disgusting. I’m fairly sure when I go to court again the judge will see it my way based on the evidence. This company is just full of scams and FRAUD and do not care. They will do what it takes to get whatever they can from you if you let them. And like the last rip off report maybe there can be a class action suit one day. I most certainly have enough to prove a case. If you want to see pic’s or want more details because you feel like a victim..Please contact me…The more that come forward the more of a chance we have to stop these people from committing FRAUD!!!!!”

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