Complaint: In July of 2015 I lost my internet connection. This is supplied via a copper line to my rural location. When rebooting did not work, I called Fairpoint Communications tech line. They were very patient and attempted to be helpful. I called the techs over 30 times to get my modem running; each tech with a different solution. Meanwhile, I tried to schedule a tech to come to my house. This took over 3 weeks to set up. Two techs arrived on different days and did nothing to resolve the problem. In deperation, I pleaded and barked at Ms. Sally LaCrouix, spervisor in Portland Maine. Finally she called back and said that a major area of their telephone system had gone out (what else?). She said that she would send a new modem and that I would have to install it myself and program it with help from tech support. Here I sit, after 3 weeks, still with no internet connection. Fairpoint Communication’s priority is first to make profit for the share holders. At the botton of the scale, the individual consumer is of little value to them. They are simply too big to care. Once I get my internet reconnected, I will be swithching providers. Fairpoint is a poor investment.

Tags: Computer Service & Repair

Address: downtown Charlotte, South Carolina USA


Phone: 603-227-7473