My husband and I reviewed a boxer puppy website ( on November 20th and then again on November 27th when we proceeded to inquire about a puppy. The supposed owner of the puppy sent an email using the e-mail: [email protected] We received numerous emails and then were contacted via phone by the following phone number (614) 321-9323. We foolishly sent them money via Western Union for a puppy. They continue to contact us with a false shipping company named GlobalShipping & Delivery Service sending us a false freight summary sheet for the puppy. The e-mail for the shipping company is [email protected] and a phone number of (828) 970-5276. We received numerous calls and e-mails indicating we need to pay more money for specialized shipping crates and then pet insurance. Luckily we caught on at this point. When we requested our money back from both the puppy owner and the shipping company via calls and e-mails, the return calls and e-mails immediately stopped.