As consumers, we choose to shop at discounted merchandise stores but this does not mean we choose to experience cheap customer service. Under-paid and under-educated employees need the appropriate training from leadership in order to teach them how to properly deal with customers on a daily basis. Also to remind them that the reason they have a job is because people choose to shop at their store. Friendly customer services always makes for a returning customer. This evening we were at fallas merchandise store #427 and made a $200 purchase. We were walking down an aile searching thru curtains and my best friend accidentally dropped one on the floor in her search for the matching one. We were approached by sales associate “rhonda” in a rude and hostile manner asking if we were “going to pick that up!” we continued down the next aile discussing what just happened and she again approached us and threatened to have us kicked out of the store for no good reason. Absolutely unnecessary and uncalled for. We quickly decided to leave the store and left items on the shelf attempting to depart the store as quickly as possible and naturally upset at the associates conduct. The “manager” marvin stormed past us, glaring at us, on the way to the check stand holding the items we left behind. Once we approached the check stand, we attempted to explain the behavior of his employee and the reason we were trying to leave. The manager did nothing to resolve our issue or make us feel like our business was appreciated. Again, just because we choose to shop on a budget, shouldn”t mean we need a discount on customer service. Distraught consumer