Complaint: My unfortunate dealings with Fallen Hero Bracelets (FHB) is just like most other Rippoff reports already filed. For the purposes of my report, when I mention Fallen Hero Bracelets (FHB) that also means I am referring to Michael Friedmann who represents FHB and whom I personally tried to resolve the FHB issues I had. The below list a summary of my dealings with FHB: 1) Paid for a product from Fallen Hero Bracelets (FHB). 2) After almost 2 months I receive no product or status update about my purchase from FHB. 3) I contacted FHB to inquire the whereabouts of my purchased product, indicate my plan to contact PayPal Resolution, and then get THREATENED to be sued for breach of contract. 4) Finally disgusted with FHB unprofessionalism and no product received after 6 weeks, I contacted PayPal Resolution. 5) Though not applicable to some of the complaints I’ve read, as soon as FHB got contacted by PayPal Resolution regarding my complaint, I actually got a USPS email (on the exact same day) that indicated a shipping label was processed by FHB. Coincidence huh? 6) Again, not applicable to some complaints I’ve read, I actually received my purchased FHB products within 1 week after my contacting PayPal. 7) Applicable to many complaints I’ve read, 4 days after receiving my FHB products, I receive a letter from a collection agency with FHB claiming that I owed over $200! Keep in mind, my product was paid for via PayPal to FHB well over 2 months ago at this point. IMPORTANT ACTIONS STEPS TO TAKE for those that have been scammed by FHB: 1) Do contact the Collection Agency WITHIN the time limit the Agency gives you and inform them of the FHB Scam. Call immediately to acknowledge receipt of the collection letter, and then to cover yourself – send an actually letter to the Agency restating your position against the FHB claim AND make sure your postal letter will require a signature from the collection agency to be returned to you for proof. 2) Contact the Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA) via website and fill out your complaint AGAINST the DEBT COLLECTOR that is supporting FHB collections efforts. Of course you will mention FHB is the Creditor trying to scam you and some of the details as needed. The CFPA will deal with the Collection Agency NOT an individual. This was the Advice given to me by the CFPA support team. 3) Contact the Federal Trade Commission via website and fill out your complaint regarding Michael Friedmann. It is important you pick the Scams and Ripoff section, then choose NO MATCH FOUND. You will then be able to begin your detailed complaint. This also was the advice given to me by the CFPA support team. 4) If you used PayPal or a credit card with FHB, contact your financial source to alert them of the scam. I’m sure these financial organizations do not want to work with Merchants that abuse their loyal customers. 5) Contact the Tacoma, WA Better Business Bureau at File a full complaint. As of 01/19/18, you’ll notice on the Fallen Hero website that it indicates a BBB rating of A+. According to the Tacoma BBB website it is NOT TRUE! 6) Contact the Washington State Attorney General office and complain about your particular FHB scam (Since FHB is geographically located in Tacoma, WA). Contact Us – Washington State | Office of the Attorney General By phone – call centers are open M-F 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. 1-800-551-4636 (in-state only) 1-206-464-6684 (out-of-state callers) 1-800-833-6388 (Washington State Relay Service for the hearing impaired) To all people that posted Ripoff complaints regarding FHB, you must understand that in many cases FHB may have BREACHED its own Terms of Service Agreement (TSA) with you in a number of ways. Read the FHB Terms of Service Agreement LINE BY LINE and find those areas that you would consider BREACHED by FHB and add them to your own complaints when contacting the sources above. Just make sure you fully document your dealings with FHB to support FHB breaches of its own TSA. Do not sit back and get threatened and/or ripped off! If you follow my suggestions noted above, traction can be achieved towards shutting down any organization that scams good people – Veterans’ or not. Don’t get kicked around – Do something about it!

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