i use to work for family and i never refuse a person to use the bathroom now i sill work in a business were i see all my old customer i even see all the people i had on my payroll we have all moved on and am gald to but when my old customer that they and thair kids were not allowed to use the bathroom ni went in my self and pick up some things and ask to use the bathroom was told they didnot have one i told her i know thair is 2 bathrooms she said its becouse or water on the floor so i told her to ger her d.m. to help her get corporate office to clean it up the store all ready has box siting on floors if a handipaded person was to get through i donot know how and this was on dec 4 and the one on 4th stree in beloit is the same way when you walk in ni allways made sure this did not happen when becouse i allso work ever day with these people i am really up set by both things i called my old d.m. and let her know it is going on so far its dec 9 and its still posted on the door nobathroom in the state of wis.you have to have a bathroom nBettyn53547, WisconsinU.S.A.

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