Complaint: I have been working for Family Dollar for almost a year. I was actually one of the hires to help build the store at its new location. There were about twenty people hired and the store only kept 5 or six employees. We were told to dress for an interview and report to the location. The interview in turn went well for me. I was told that I would be getting payed $8.50 an hour for a cashier position. To my knowledge I was getting payed at this rate. This was August of 2013. I applied for foodstamps and was asked to provide 4 check stubs. This was the first time I had viewd my check stubs since I was hired, the information stated that I was getting payed $8.00 an hour. I was shocked and when confronting management, I was shot down or the question was answered with confusing terms. I filed for my taxes for year 2014 and to my surprise, I recieved no taxes from Family dollar. When I went to the manger, she told me that it was how I signed up for my W2’s. I was helped by management at Family dollar to sign up. Perhaps the most disturbing information recieved was when my renwal for Food Stamps came up recently, an agent went to pull up my wages from Family Dollar and asked me had I been working up to 70 hours a week. This is impossible for a cashier position and that rate of hours can only be possible for a management position. The agent stated that the last time my wages had been posted by Family Dollar had been in March and they had stated that I had worked 70 hours and had been payed $500 for that pay period. I have never and will never recieve this amount of money from Family Dollar nor have I ever been presented with the opportunity to work those hours. I also have not recieved a check for it. The case worker said if she hadn’t told me of this I would have been relieved of my Food Stamps for too much income. Corporate or whoever enters this information has false information about me in the system. We were also contacted recently about out taxes being short. Someone please help if you can. I am tired of being under paid and lied to.

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