I completely understand with the earlier posts from people who have dealt with Family Dollar as a customer or as an employee. I worked for eight years as a store manager and have seen and witnessed many problems inside the corporate monster. I was “dismissed”” because the district manager wanted all new store managers under his new reign as our district’s new manager. I am a very down to earth person


and also willing to always give 110% to anything I do. My dismissal had no grounds. nIt is true also about what people say about working so many countless hours and only recieving a 40 hr. paycheck. Family Dollar calls it manager’s salary… we don’t clock in… we write down our hours/add to computer at end of week.. then they send us a base pay for what we unfortunately had agreed to in writing. Our pay is told to us at time of hiring- salary. We are also told we would never work more than around 45 hours per week. My average was 66 hours per week. If I wasn’t at work

I was called in by my DM and told I was needed. It never ended. nSo many other things I could share.. thankfully

I have learned from my time at Family Dollar