Complaint: Family Respiratory is the worst Company I have ever worked for in my entire life. The owner uses foul language against his employees and yells and screams at them with ongoing temper tantrums where he slams furniture and shouts and curses at employees. Some of thier managers have wanted to resign from thier jobs becasue of the way they have been treated, but havent becasue they need the job. There was an IT Manager that worked there briefly and quit because of the owner’s use of profanity and the way he was spoken to, by the Owner. The owner and his Regional Director, Sue, are very unprofessional in the way they deal with employees.. using employees against each other to dig up “dirt”” to find a reason to fire someone if they dont like them. The owner has spoke about employees in a sexual harrassing manner to other employees and made other inappropriate comments in front of employees. The Regional Director has made negative comments about the Owner

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Website: that were lies. for example: Saying I had a fire drill or was involved in training that I was not involved in or trained for. They do not want employees dating each other and if you do

Phone: about the owners personal life