Complaint: I hsve played Draft Kings for years and never had a problem with the way they score thier games.I had a chance to play free on Fan duel,and won a couple. So on 2/10/18 I had entered a 1 game only and almost reached the money winning score. The game had timed out .During this time ut I HAD SEEN 3 POINTS THAT HAD BEEN LATE COMING TO ME VIA INTERNET LAG. Then at this time out I seen my score decrease by 6 whole points. I have never seen this before in any fantasy game scoreing . Maybe + or – 1 or 2 points ,but this company in error subtracts 6 points from my score. Ihad been waching the whole game ,and they are tottally in error . NEVER PLAY THE FANDUEL SITE

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: 11374 Schwab Dr. Cleveland, Ohio United States


Phone: 8188137961