Over 3 months ago I purchased a coupon from KGB deals to get 2 memory foam pillows from www.fanooki.com. When I placed the order, I received a message informing me the shipping could take up to 4 weeks. nA month after I placed my order I contacted the fanooki customer service via email to request a shipping status. As another review stated, they blamed suppliers for the delay. I have now exchanged 6 emails with customer service. The most recent response stated they would ship the items “today or Monday.”” That was a week ago. nAdditionally

I sent an email complaining about the situation to KGB deals an did not receive a response. I have now sent a second email requesting a refund. I have noticed that a significant number of deals on the KGB website are from fanooki

and other similar sites with limited and dissimilar products. I don’t know what connection KGB deals may have with Fanooki

but I don’t plan to make any purchases from either site again.”

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