Today (22/02/2020) I attempted to call the Logan store (Brisbane) to organise the delivery of my new bed frame and mattress which was valued at over $750. I attempted to contact the store between 4.29- 4.33, each time my call was cancelled, once picked up and hung up on. Whilst I understand the staff would have wanted to leave on time the store didn”t closes until 5pm providing plenty of time to take my call. I didn”t have the opportunity to call during the day as I work from 9am- 6pm and only had a 30 minute break (during which I attempted to call the store), compared to the stores opening times of 9am-5pm. I have been waiting on this order since 02/02/2020. This is the second purchase I have made with Fantastic Furniture and this also occured the last time I attempted to call the store within 30 minutes of them closing. This is ridiculous as the call would have only taken a few minutes, here is evidence of this; Here is my client number:4902010125239 I would appreciate some compensation for this as I may have to wait longer for my order when I could have had it delivered tomorrow. Please keep in mind I have recently moved to brisbane and am sleeping on a blow up mattress, so you can understand my frustration.

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