Hacked into my computer


My Complaint: I had been updating my computer online. While waiting I went to YTS to look at movies and while I was looking a warning screen popped up and loudly announced that my computer had been breached by a worm,and all my files and information was in severe danger. Call us at this number immediately. Not being computer savvy, and all this time the loud warning announcement is repeating over and over. I panicked. I called the phone number they gave me.A man with an east Indian accent came on the phone and told me that they were a company affiliated with Microsoft technical support. He instructed me to push and hold the windows key and the s key. With that done, he had access to my computer. He went on to explain that he had to scan my computer for problems. I watched the screen as he scanned my computer. All the time explaining the danger my computer was in. When the scan finished, he told me that my computer had been breached by a worm and that hackers were stealing my information as we spoke. He then remotely changed my computer screen to Wikipedia, giving a description of the danger. All this time I’m asking what can I do. After reassuring me that they could take care of the problem remotely. And that was the service that Microsoft recommended. He asked me to wait a moment while he checked the extent of the breach. When he returned he said that the damage wasn’t too severe and they could fix everything in about 4 hours. At a mere cost of $200-$300. I freaked. How can I pay that? What can I do? He said I could either pay with PayPal or a credit card. He asked me for my IP address so they could start. I explained to him that I was using a friends Wi-Fi and I had to leave. He asked if I could leave my computer there, running, for 4 hours, and come back and get it. I told him that I couldn’t do that and that I would just shut down my computer and not go online. He said that wouldn’t work, because they had hacked my IP address so anytime or any where I went they could trace me. I told him that it wasn’t possible for me to come up with that kind of money, that I might just as well buy a new computer. He told me that my IP address followed me everywhere, even on a new computer. I told him I had to leave but I would be back online next week. He gave me a number to call, and I’m supposed to call him next Wednesday. He said that the company was Fargo Technologies and his name was Shawn.
Where I live we can’t get internet access, I’m making this complaint on my smart phone. I don’t know what to do.


My Demand: They haven’t received any money yet.