Four Months ago i bought(Lay-away) a Gucci Bag at Fashion Exchange located at 1446 Polk st San Francisco,Ca. 94109 For the amount of $599.00.In the price tag it says AUTHENTIC Gucci Bag.Just a few weeks ago i found out it was just a Replica Gucci Bag worth $168.00.I went to the store to make a complaint about the matter.I have all the pictures that i got from Replica their reply to me was it is a store policy No Return Or Exchange after 30 days.But i am not returning nor exchanging i am here to get my change from the $599.00 that i paid for the bag which is only $168.00.SO i made a Notary signed letter asking for a copy for the receipt which i have lost the receipt. And they said they don’t keep any kind of sales receipts.Even in lay-aways they don’t keep copies of it. By them writing AUTHENTIC in the price tag was misleading the customers.I just got robbed by this people.This people never been honest to their customer even if you sell or trade to them you will get robbed.They buy it for cheap and never write the same price in the tag instead they will sell it in much much higher price.I am here asking your help to get my money back.Please help me to make this situation right. i have the proper documents that i can prove that the bag is a replica. Help me get my money back.Thank you nBeansan farncisco, CaliforniaU.S.A.

1446 Polk St. San Francisco, California U.S.A.


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