I purchased a Louis Vuitton bag from Fashionphile and a few months later they offered via email to buy it back. I took them up on the offer, sent my bag back which was received, and received a check on October 14, 2019 for $906.50. I deposited the check on October 21, 2019 but the check was returned on October 25, 2019. My bank explained that the check was returned by the Federal Reserve as a duplicate check. I spoke with several people at Fashionphile and they spoke with their accounting department who in turn spoke with their bank, JP Morgan. Their bank rep and accounting department claim that the money has left their account yet I never received it. Their bank doesn’t have the funds and my bank doesn’t have the funds. I provided them with a copy of the cancelled check showing that my bank returned the funds. I also provided them with a screenshot of my account showing I don’t have the funds. Fashionphile either wrote a duplicate check to someone else or the check was fraudulent. Fashionphile must have insurance or can dispute the charge with their bank and reissue my check but they haven’t helped me. I am out the LV bag as well as $906.50. In essence, they stole my bag due to a “bank error.”

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