Complaint: I went to work for CLN law/Fast Evictions service on 10/12/2012. I was hired on as a collector using the name CLN law, however my first paycheck was drawn on ‘Fast Eviction Service”. I was to start work at an hourly rate then move on to a commisson only basis. The person in running this department is Justin Bouzane

Tags: Employers

Address: son of John Bouzane. (law lic suspended). First Justin Bouzane has the impulse control of a 10 year old. I received my first paycheck two weeks later but only for 1 week pay. I was told that I would have to wait for Justin to return from Hi. He went there right after Timothy B Liebaert died. Justin returned and I received the rest of my paycheck on 11/14/12

Website: they laugh at their clients

Phone: however during the time that Justin was on “”Vacation”” I was told by “”Amanda”” that I was now working on commisson. I in hindsight should have left the day I received my check that I had to wait an extra two weeks for. I finally walked out on 11/18/2012