Complaint: I will try to make this brief. A few months ago I saw an ad. on Facebook for some furniture that I wanted. It was on a site where people were selling furniture. I was interested in a chest of drawers. I messaged the sellar and expressed interest in that item. She or He wanted to know if I wanted it right then. I told the individual that I’d have to speak to my husband. The next day the individual sent me a Facebook message saying that He/She had many people wanting the item. I asked my husband and we agreed to purchase the chest. I wrote back that we did want it and they told me how to pay which was by giving them my bank card information. They said they would bring it soon as they had another delivery in the area. We weren’t going to be home that day so I asked for another date and was told they would get back to me later. Well, that didn’t happen. I finally messaged them back about the furniture. To make a long story short, I was told that they had been evicted from their home and had lots of other excuses about my furniture. Finally, my husband spoke with Aaron Shouse. He said he would deliver our furniture. My husband called back the next day to set up a time. This time Mr. Shouse told my husband he was tired of dealing with us and all our negativity and complaining. He then refused to deliver our furniture. He instructed my husband to file a fraud report with our bank. We did do that. As of now we are waiting on the result. Please be aware. They don’t call their business Fay’s funky furnishings any longer. They’ve gone to a different name. Never deal with anyone named Aaron Shouse because he is a fraud. Thank you for your time. Margaret

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