Complaint: so it all starts with me checking my bank account balance and i see that my savings account is negative, and i have no idea why even as im typing this i have no reason why! so it seems that 8773264662FEDCHX PREAUTHPMT 150227 CONFIE CORP had taken $250.00 out of my savings account with no permission of mine and i dont even know who they are and have never contacted them about anything! at this point im soo upset and i had saved up this money for some of my bills! and now my account is negative! im soooo mad and left them a message already i better hope they refund me back the money because that is soo not cool and they did not have my permission!! ughhh im not a happy camper right now!! why does these things happen your suppose to get the persons permission first, that is just robbing someone!

Tags: Computer Fraud

Address: Internet USA

Website: 8773264662FEDCHX PREAUTHPMT 150227 CONFIE CORP