I have received many calls by this number. Last time I did pick up and heard this womans voice and I hung up. This time I spoke with her for a moment. She was very calm and collected. She stated that she was from the United Stated Federal Government and were offering federal grants. I had been selected to receive a $9,000.00 federal grant that did not have to be paid back. It sounded suspicious to me. I stated to her that she would need to send me information on this so I could go over this with my accountant. In the middle of finishing my sentence she hung up on me. I then called her back from a different phone # and she did answer the phone stating she was with the Federal Government. I hung up. I could not hear any noise in the back ground it was very quiet. If this is legit I truly could use this money at the moment. It seems to good to be true therefore I am sure it is not.