Call on the phone said today is my lucky day he is calling from the federal reserve out of NY and my name came up on the list to received a grant in the amount of 5, 000 dollars ask me for my zip code and then ask if i had a bank account i told him no so he ask me if i can get to a western Union or a Walmart cause i need to pay the taxes on the grant which would be 200. 00 i told him i don’t have no money. He said he will help me if i can come up with 150 or 100. Dollars he will release the money to me told him i don’t have it he said i have about a week to come up with it it sounds to good to be true and i desided to check wit BBB and hold and behold. Its just as i suspected a scam. The dude said his name was Jeff dexter and he gave me this phone # 202-559-7694 he has a Indian accent so i know that’s not his real name. Oh i forgot the amount changed from 500. 00 to 900. 00 he forgot the original amount he told me.