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My Complaint: Got you approved for the part time project.
Here I attach the manual which explains how to apply for the payment which you will use to purchase the equipment. Please read carefully and let me know if everything is clear.
As we start the project, you will receive the payment first and only after that you will process the purchase order. I will have the Federal TN account access data and the Equipment department instructions/specification list later today, will forward everything to you with the last part of instructions. Meanwhile, I need you to look through the manual and make sure you understand the procedure. I also attach two examples for two different banks, but the procedure is similar for all major banks. The only thing I need you to do is make sure your current balance meets the criteria, has to be at least $3,000. The manual gives a definition
of Current balance, please read. Please note that you WON’T have to involve any money of your own or share any sensitive information (account or ssn numbers) for this project. Waiting for you to let me know you understand the procedure and your current balance is over required minimum. I could apply for the rest of project details then.

Thank you,

**** GO N-Y-Giants [!!!!]Scott A. Petersen, Special Projects – (646) 583-2031
Federal Transportation Network (USA) Co., LTD.


My Demand: Block them fron scamming people