Contacted Assurant (partner of Federal Warranty Service Corporation) regarding failure of Gas Dryer covered by extended warranty. Coverage has been in place for 4 months, technician had inspected dryer and did not have the parts needed in stock. It had been more than 7 days since the service call, so I called the warranty company for follow up and was told that the dryer was no longer made and no parts were available. In fact, it hadn’t been made for years and no parts had been available for years. So, why did they offer the contract to begin with? Both my washer and dryer are covered on this contract. Initially, the representative (Brandi) offered a refund of the full contract price, then noted the two appliances and said only one would be refunded. The alterntive would be the depreciated value of the dryer. I intend to take that offer and cancel the washer coverage, but was then told that there would be no refund for the washer coverage becasue it’s all one policy – so which one is it? When they are going to fufill on the contract it’s two “amounts””

but when I want to cancel it’s only one and there is no refund due because a claim has been made??? Sounds like double talk to me! When I discussed this contract with the salesperson originally we discussed pricing just for the washer

just for the dryer and for both – there are two distinct appliances on this agreement and they are priced sperately even if they are billed together. I should receive a refund for the Washer protion of this contract which has had no claims.”

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