My name is Ron. I ordered a medication through Around the time I received it, I was having a really bad herpes outbreak. Once I did try the medication, a total of three different times, I had an acute allergic reaction and was rushed to the emergency by my parents. I brought the Fenvir bottle and gave it to the emergency doctor, It turns out this is a fake medication. God only knows what’s really in the pills. He thought it is the reason why I had such a sudden allegic reaction. I contacted Fenvir through email and they kept ignoring me. I am making a complaint with FDA and am willing to send them the pills for testing. The company behind Fenvir is Strictly Health Corp and was rated F on BBB. They also run a website used to lure people into buying their Fenvir fake pills. These scumbags are putting people in danger with their fake pills and should be stopped. Where are the FDA and the lawyers when we really need them?

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