I initially received a text message from a lady called Daniela Goncalvez, asking me for an interview. She obtained my information from ziprecruiter where I was activelly looking for jobs. She asked for an interview via Google Hangouts, what sounded strange at first, but with technology nowadays i though maybe she’d do a first pass on hangouts and then reach out to me via other means later. After the interview she told me to be available the next day on google hangout for the results. Without anything further, she offered me the job 27 dollars/hr for 3 months of training followed by 32/hr after that. She said the company would send me a check that i should deposit in my bank account, wait 24 hours until it cleared and then I would use that money to buy computer and software required for the job. That was sounding more and more like a scam, so I asked if it wouldn’t be better if she sent me the employment paperwork before? After all for my safety and yours, I said, it wouldn’t be wise for you to mail me a check before we have an employment agreement and contract. She went on mute and never came back. The trick is, there is an actual Ferrostaal company that operates in many countries and have legit jobs which is based in Germany. But this lady provides you with a fake copy of the website, where almost everything looks like the legit company, to make it look like what she is offering is real. No one hires an employee to make $32 an hour without at a minimum 3 interviews, via phone, video conference or even in person. I did not waste any money but very frustrated because you go on job sites looking for real jobs, and these scammers are able to find your profile and play you. I wish job sites were held accountable for verifying this things. Hate that my resume can be viewed by this scammers. I have attached the full conversation on hangout for ScamPulse.com to review.