Complaint: Received a letter from said company indicating I had won a 2nd place lottery of $250,000 along with a check for $2350.00 which the letter indicated was money to pay for the fees of delivery. I was to contact Rita Adams @ 1-877-296-0015 to start my claims process and to activate my check. Instructions said to adhere to her instructions. Furthermore, a note indicated the following: Please never call any other telephone number other than this number written in your letter and do not act on this notice until you contact your claims agent to avoid cases of misappropriation and mishandling of prize monies. typed signature, congratulations, David Hull, Promotion manager Also attached was a receipt to be signed in the presence of the courier, stating please sign and detach this part and give to him when you receive your check of US$250,000 from him. If you lose this letter, your payment might be cancelled. The receipt required first name: ___________ Last name:___________ Address___________________ claim number ____________ please sign here_____________________ Global Head Ofice emergency number : +44-745-227-6520

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Address: 881 main avenue Los Angeles, California USA

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Phone: 1-877-296-0015