Complaint: After purchasing products from fingerhut I started getting false charges from companies I never had any dealing with. The amounts were changed to my fingerhut account. Fingurehut refused to take responsiblity for the false charges and said i had to contact the company.. When you call the company they begine asking you question like ‘your name, address, phone number etc.. They are using this information to creat an account for you so they can prove you had agreed to open the account with them. Never give them this information when you contact them. I have had the company refund my money back but I has happened numberous time with different compainies. There hope is either that you don’t notice or you just pay the amount and close out your account. I have phoned the companies and been told they would be removed the charges from my fingerhut account and refund my money but it doesn’t happen. I will never deal with fingerhut again because they are not supporting allowing companies to charge to my account without verification from me that it is a lagit charge. Thank you Anthony McKee

Tags: Sales People

Address: P.O. Box 166 Newark, New Jersey USA


Phone: 678-581-0971