and (paretn company?) advertized 4 colors of bulk ink. I bought one of each with the black costing $19.99 and the colors $29. They sent the 3 colors, but refuse to send the cheaper black. Since the order was confirmed, the has disappeared. the box return address and web site, has increased the price of the black by $10 per bottle. To date, they have ignored numerous phone messages (you can not speak to an agent, it is all call-back, which they don’t do) and emails. The one email I received said I didn’t exist, but my credit card was charged the full amount. I tried to send the color ink back, but UPS said the address didn’t exist. I can’t confirm the real address because Fillserve does not answer or respond to calls. There was no packing slip in the box. I can only assume the original offer was a “come-on”” and never meant to be filled

except the more expensive colored bottles. The $19 black was a fraud. Avoid the lost time waiting for the total order and waiting for responses and buy elsewhere. Now to get my credit card refund processed.”

4981 Irwindale Ave. Ste 200 Irwindale, California USA