First off its hard to trust a company that is owned and run by a guy who served federal prision time for financial crimes already and has screwed over many of their clients as well as mistreat their employees as well. This is a sales organization that is partnered with a good law firm but one of the owners of the company (Brian Barss) do not only verbally clients but also has no respect for anyone, including his employees. Another one of his employees (Tommy Tomlinson) rarely is honest with clients about anything all they want are payments from the clients. Once a client has signed up with the company they don’t care about the client anymore and will duck phone calls and constantly lie to clients about what is going on. Its scary that consumers put their trust in this company that only does well because of good marketing online. I would strongly advise against working with this company as you can’t trust them and will only screw you in the end .

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