Where to begin? The lack of knowledge? The sick animals? The dead fish or puppies and kittens covered in feces? This man is not a person you want to buy animals from. He will speak with a confidence like he knows what hes doing but anyone who keep lizards, birds or fish will tell you he doesnt know anything. Ive sought to buy miltiple animals from this shop, but found that the owner himself doesnt even know how to take care of them, let alone being able to tell me how to. You’d think being a small family owned pet shop the slightly higher than normal prices would be worth the wisdom and knowledge to learn about these pets, and that they would be kept in healthier conditions than a chain store. But no. And one day i was looking at his stock of fish, that had photos of incorrectly labeled names, and a woman approached me and asked what kind of fish she should get for starting out. i told her that i didnt work there, and she said she heard the owner and i talking earlier and thought i knew alot more about what i was talking about than he did and wanted my advice instead of his. i was happy to help. what next? the $300 puppies covered with feces? i complained and complained and eventually stopped going there. you know what the owner did? found me on a social networking site and he and his friends harassed me for days until i blocked all of them. is this someone you really want to buy your animals from? not only does he not know how to take care of them but if you make a suggestion, he harasses you! i assume the only reason i was harrased is because he probably got in trouble, though i cannot prove this as i have not returned to that shop since. does he still have sick animals in his shop? i dont know, but if you ever go there, comment about any sick animals. if there arent any sick animals, only healthy, then well know he has cleaned up his store, and that as long as you research your animal of choice elsewhere, you shouldnt have any problem buying from him.

101 k avenue east oskaloosa, Iowa United States of America

(641) 672-2964


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