Just before Christmas i was on my amazon account when a survey popped up and offered jewelry for taking it, I have never responded to any of these types of things before, but foolishly did this time. As others have said I ordered the cheesy earrings for 5.99. I felt ill as soon as I did it but couldn’t find my way back to the page to get more info. nI did not receive a confirmation email or confirmation page so I was hoping it didn’t go through. Several days later I received the earrings (cheesy like I thought) and immediately went to my credit card account looking for anything fraudulent because like I said I had a bad feeling. Nothing.nA few days later I saw the 5.99 charge. I looked for a couple of days and nothing else. Thought I got lucky.nI forgot about it for a few days.nI went out of town for a while and while gone checked my account again to find a 98.00 charge and a $49.0 charge. I reported it to my card as fraudulent.nI returned home the next day to find a package from fiorvano jewels, I did not open it, still haven’t .nI didn’t order it and don’t want it. nContacted them and they gladly cancel your “membership”” or “”subscription”” that you didn’t sign up for

but refuse to refund any money!!! They know they are a ripoff that is why they try to please you by canceling “”no further charges”” !nBut they have already made $150.00 from you

they got what they wanted! Imagine how many people they have done this to and sent them 2 pieces of dime store jewelry….pretty good profit I would imagine!”

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