Complaint: This restaurant is built off the sweat of guys they used and abused then dumped like trash after they didn’t do good on opening nite us as employees was lead to believe this was a great job with benefits and a loyal management team but all they did was use us then secretly one by one let us go and told the other employees that we either quit or just never came back some of us gave up our jobs to come there because we was promised job security this restaurant is ran by scum who would rather hire a bunch of illegal alliens and take short cuts and lie then rather be honest and at least let people get there affairs in order before laying them off the restaraunt was so bad that they fired people and told them they couldn’t pay them then we threaten to report them they went to the safe and payed us in cash these type of people is why America is doing so bad because the rather take short cuts then promote a heathy economy and anyone who supports this restaraunt Supports Eco terrisom this type of behavior is why illegal alliens jump our fence because they know people like Joel Schaffer will support them as long as the don’t have a social security number and it just Makes me sick all I’m saying is plz support local business that supports local unity through giving back to the community and not finding some short cut around having to pay honest hard working Americans and as for why I’m writing this report I feel that someone has to stand up for the hard working men who’s was told to believe and work hard and it will payoff and only to be told through the back door that’s they didn’t need him no more but they would call him but then to look up and see an illegal standing where his feet once stood plz stand with me and don’t support this restaraunt and it evils ways if not for me or the workers do it so that the next cop doesn’t get laid off cause Joel decided it was better to not pay taxes then to boost voorhees economy .. United we Stand divided we fall god bless

Tags: Restaurants

Address: Boulevard at voorhees town center Voorhees, New Jersey United States of America


Phone: 856-344-7901