Complaint: I went into this firehouse subs pretty much to be treated not so well rudely and intimidated by a caucasian worker. The reason im posting is because the guy who did it I felt was just such a bully and do not want to encounter him again, and feel he went out of his way just to not treat me very well, and had no right or reason to do so. Have been to this location many times and generally it’s ok. Just a nasty attitude from this rude person upon picking up my meala condescending statement,then just rudeness for no reason, in several other ways, even at a drink filling station almost as if he was going out of his way to pick on mebut he was very pleasant to the person who came after me. … based upon his attitude minutes prior adn everything together, would not want to encounter this jerk again he was just a full fledged bully….and losers like that who seem to treat people in that way have no right to and should not be allowed to get away with something like that. also annoyed by tehse jerks in society who are bitter or mean and feel as if they can take their problems out on others for no reason and in a customer relation situation that is totally unacceptable. anonymous orlando, FloridaU.S.A.

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Address: Collegiate Way Orlando, Florida U.S.A.