I am calling on all of my colleagues in the real estate industry Nationwide to help me make First American Home Buyer’s Protection regret the way they’ve treated me as a customer who has loyally paid his dues every single month for the past 4 plus years. I have documented hours and hours on the phone trying to get this corrected… They simply refuse to replace my fridgerator with a comaprable unit using back door tactics to completely ignore my need for a replacement Appliance. The broken item on my Appliance is no longer in circulation and cannot be rebuilt they told me they would give me a cash out for the replacement part instead of the entire frigerator. When just days before they agreed to cash me out for the entire applience so I can go buy a comparfable applience. What would I do with a hunderd dollars and a broken applience?? This is absurd because I can’t even buy the replacement part because it doesn’t exist. My policy says they would replace the fridgerator if they could not fix or find me a comparable replacement and they’re refusing to do it because the motherboard is on the front door. This board controls the entire frigerator it’s like driving a car without a steering wheel and dashboard. Meanwhile I am forced to live with a Hotel mini fridge that cant fit even a gallon of milk in it. This is coausing me serious emotional stress and to top it off I am a Realtor and recommend home warranties on a daily basis to my prospective clients. Let’s let this insurance farce know how bad they messed up this time. It’s time for the voices of the professional Community who contributes to their Deep Pockets know that this message will not go unheard. All I want is a replacement Appliance but they just seem to not want to make this right. Any attourneys that read this feel free to call me and lets talk in more detail. I am not going to give up on this. This is just not good business.

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