on Friday 6/12/2015 i called First American Home Warranty to report a problem with an airconditioner. The temperature outside was 111 degrees. First American took my report and stated that they would have someone call me for an appointment to investigate the problem within 2 business days. I informed them of the temperature and the future forcast to be even higher for the next week. I asked for “expedited”” servie. On Monday 6/15/2015 we received a call from the contracto that he would be at my house in 10 minutes. We left our office to meet him at the house. When he arrived he looked at the air conditoner (visually only) Checked the temperature {by tactile hand method) and determined that further “”tersting”” was needed as he supsected a leak. He stated that he would have to submit the information to FAHW for approval to test for a freon leak. In the mean time he suggfested that we lower the thermostat to its lowest setting. (this is ridiculous as the setting will not lower the temperature any more than a higher setting might that is below the ambient temperature.) On monday late afternoon i received an email from FAHW stating that the “”repairs”” were authoprized qnd that the contractor would again call me to set up an appointment to complete the “”repairs””. At 10:00 AM on 6/16/15

I called the Contractor

ARGO Airconditioning to see when they would be out to repair the air conditioning system. He informed me that FAHW authorized the system to be checked for leaks and only a minor “”stop leak”” chemical repair was authorized. the outside air temperature is now approaching 117 degrees. the repairman informed me that he will probably be able to getr out to test for leaks between 9 and 12 tomorrow morning. The temperature tomorrow is expected to be higher than today. this does not mean that repairs will be efected I went to the FAHW.com website to inquire about these repairs and there was no way

on that webiste to contact them for information. I then called them on the phone for help. I am on hold while i write this report/complaint. As of right this moment i have been on hold for 31 minutes “”do to the high volume of calls””. They are continually apologizing for the long wait though

so that makes me feel better NOT. This company is totally unresponsive to their customers and even though i have had this coverage for many years they do not show or demonstrate any concern for their customers needs. Finally after 40 minutes on hold