Complaint: Dear to whom it may concern, This was the second complait I wrote about this SCAMMER, because they had send me two letters by mail. The first letter they asked me to pay $210.03. The second letter they asked me to pay $445.42. I NEVER signed up this company merchandise account, and I had NEVER heard about this SCAMMER before until I received the first letter they had send me. In both letters, they mentioned, if I don’t give them any dollars they will report me to credit reporting agency to affect my personal credit scores. According to these two letters content, they are not only SCAMMER, but also FRAUD CREDIT and steal my credit info. One more thing, at the bottom of the letter the address is different from the letter head, which they asked me to sent dollars to them. The address is P.O. BOX 17548 DENVER CO 80217 I am small busines owner and open online store Rainbow, which was registered in SF county. So far, I NEVER make business out of state. Please help us these small business owners stop scams!!! Thank you so much! Sincerely, Cuiya

Tags: Online Business

Address: 5251 Westheimer Road Houston, Texas USA