Complaint: I received an unsolicited phone call regarding the sale of my timeshare. They explained that they were a financial institution that offered financing to those who want to purchase timeshares on the secondary market. I said if they could find a buyer for my time share that would be great. After our conversation, i checked out their website and contacted the BBB. Their website confirmed what i was told on the phone by Kelly Lawson out of NV. The BBB had their rating as a “B””. I was feelign confident. About 2 days later

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Address: they called and said they had an offer. It was lower than i wanted

Website: K. Lawson and have sent e-mails to the admin address….No response. After reading everyone elses comments…..What can we do? Is a class action suit an option. Can anyone help us?”

Phone: so i countered it verbally. Supposedly the buyer accepted. Kelly Lawson sent me the contract via e-mail. I reviewed it and it looked like a legal document. I was to send them $2