Reporting a company called First Insurance Agency In Chicago , Illinois. The owner of the company is Dwayne Travis although he will say that he isn’t. The company isn’t licensed in the city of Chicago or any city. This crook represents Human And Wellcare. He onky solicits low income individuals and senior citizens. I worked for this company and recently found out that’s it not a real company. This place adds and solicit other insurance sales agents to be a part of this circus. They don’t pay on time causing more financial hardship because it isn’t an actual company . It’s an agent pretending to be a company. Don’t work for this demon and don’t allow your loved ones to do business with this individual. You can find their videos on youtube under Dwayne Travis and this individual is also listed on Linked In. That way you know what this person looks like just incase he changed his name. Don’t let your friends or family do business with this company or individual. He aslo has workshops in food pantries and nursing homes.

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