RUN AWAY!Michael Pellechia and John DiCanio are running a scam! They falsify business records to get loans. I did not know this until I was forced to cancel my contract with them.I went to them for business financing. I did not see myself having issues because I have great credit and a clean record.It took them a month to get back to me after saying that I was approved for $!5,000. I only said I needed $10,000. They gave me the $15,000 anyway and charged me 10% interest! I canceled the deal right away. I did not touch the money. They were trying to get more money out of me. I had paid $3,000 up front. After another month of lies and deception I got, I did not get my money back, but I was able to cut ties with them and I am glad I did. Being in business with them is dangerous and a scam as I came to discover.