Complaint: As I was looking at my online bank account, I noticed a check numbered in the 7000’s for an amount of $377. First, I only write one check per month, so this sent a warning signal to me. The check did not require a signature by me as it was a “guarantee”” signature. The company is First Protection Aid. I found by searching the internet that I am not the first person who has had their account number and name used to get this sum of money. I had to close my bank account and open a new account. There is an investigation going on now but I will have to wait 45 to 60 days before I even get my money back. People beware and watch your bank account daily. If you can catch it in time

Tags: Bad Check Writers

Address: you can call your bank and stop it. Better yet

Website: Unknown Unknown, California United States of America

Phone: Call you bank immediately and tell them not to accept checks that have not been signed by you