I began the process of planning a group vacation back in October. I went through the process with a First Select Travel representitive who gave me an estimated quote of $469 a person. I then gathered our group money and paid an $150 per person deposit ($750 total). I did not recieve any documents or travel information for over a month. When I did, it sent me to the Travel Center, which had me mail them money. I then was sent to deal with Fun Time Reservations (in the same location), needing to send them a $100 money order. I then recieved quotes for me vacation wayyyyyy above my original quote and the package that I purchased. I went back and forth with the Travel Center and Fun Time Reservations for 3 different quotes all proving that these travel agencies and booking agencies are a scam. I began the refund process, reicieving no money in return because apparently I was not eligable for a refund. Not only was this whole process time comsuming and prove to be a scam, I am not working every possible angle to recieve a refund! Do not ever use them and please if you have recieved a refund, please pass along the information on how I could do the same. Thank you.

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