Complaint: Wood fence was constructed with wood that is infected with some form of Larvae that is completely destroying the fence. I had a house built at Ridgeview Panther Creek. There is a major issue with my fence. I’ve been working with your warranty team even to the point of having Mr. Creyer, the head of warranty, out at my house on 10/22/2015. My pest control company provided a letter to First Texas Homes explaining that my yard has been treated since the time I moved into the house and that based on their professional opinion, they believe that there is a larvae that is eating the wood from the inside out. I find this very possible as First Texas Homes came out and replaced all of the affected pickets several months ago. I thought this was the end of this issue. However, I noticed that same type of damage started occurring on many other places in the wood. Now the First Texas Warranty Team have come out and identified approximately 57 new pickets to be replaced. Their theory is that this is not new damage which makes absolutely no sense. If this damage existed previously as the warranty team states, then the wood pickets would have been replaced during the first round of picket replacement. This is absolutely new damage. Therefore, replacing the currently affected pickets will not resolve the underlying problem as was proved in the first round of picket replacements. First Texas Homes is unwilling to replace the entire fence with wood that is unaffected and of good quality. Their attempting to do patch work to a much larger problem. As I stated they have already attempted picket replacement and the problem arises on other pickets. Some of the pickets that were not identified by the warranty have now started to degrade.

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